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The Official Website of the Royal Family of Jaffna (Sri Lanka)

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King Statue

The Family Rules


The Family Rules of the Royal Family of Jaffna

Art. 01. - HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah and his family members reside at the Rajadhani Nilayam.
Art. 02. - All members of the Royal House and other family members bear the Title of Ilavarasan for the male members and Ilavarasi for the female members.
Art. 03. - The Head of the Kanagarajah family is HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah.
Art. 04. - In case of disputes about Title and prefixes - The Head of the Royal Family is the final arbitrator.
Art. 05. - The title should not be misused in any way or form. In case of circumstances such as divorce, spouses of members of The Royal House will not be entitled to use their Royal Style and Titles.
Art. 06. - We are all obliged to uphold the rights of title, privilege and dynasty of the Royal House of Jaffna.
Art. 07. - All request to attend functions parties and rallies etc, should be addressed to either HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah or members of the Secretariats in the relevant country.
Art. 08. - The Head of the Royal Family will take part in all official functions.
Art. 09. - The Royal Household makes all official announcements to the family and public (such as birth, deaths, weddings and religious ceremonies).
Art. 10. - The future heir of the Royal Family will only marry within Royalty.
Art. 11. - The Head of the Royal Family will take care of all the needs of his children, should his children be left without parents, they will reside at the Rajadhani Nilayam.
Art. 12. - The Line of succession is as follows:
  1. Angelo Thomas Rajiendhar Sivathasan
  2. Anthony Gabbriel Laxman Naveen Sivathasan
  3. Joseph Rafaell Pravin Sivathasan
  4. Col. Soman Selvarajah
  5. Anthonypillai Gerard Joseph Pius
  6. Anthonypillai Reginold Michael
  7. Anthonypillai Eugene Mazanold Venesious
  8. Thambirajah Jeyakumar
  9. Thambirajah Vijayakumar
  10. Cherian George
  11. Thirunavukarasu Arun
  12. Subramaniam Sujeevan
  13. Subramaniam Anujan
  14. Subramaniam Kajeevan
  15. Vaikunthavasan Denessan
Art. 13. - The Head of the Royal Family reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the Family Rules according to circumstances.
Art. 14. - The Family Rules have been taken in to effect from 1 July 2004.

Rajadhani Nilayam
The Netherlands